Before and after treatment in the electro-chemical bath

Before and after treatment in the electro-chemical bath


Length, width, height: 3000 x 2000 x 1800 mm, Capacity: 4000kg
Small components can also be polished

  • High gloss thanks to a clean metallic surface
  • Increased surface smoothness – reduced micro-roughness
  • High levels of product quality and safety
  • Minimal product adhesion: easy cleaning and sterilisation – maximum corrosion resistance, higher utilisation levels in chemical plants
  • Neutral processes
  • Decorative and appealing appearance


Areas of application

  • Food packaging machines
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical equipment construction
  • Filter plants, filter plates
  • Prototyping, exhibits
  • Architecture and construction
  • Medical technology

Polishing results in improved product quality and safety for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Cleaning and sterilization costs are greatly reduced. Greater efficiency is possible in chemical plants, since the interval between cleaning cycles can be extended and the cleaning cycle itself shortened.

polishing process